The Quail Bird

Topics: Quail, Chicken, Asia Pages: 2 (509 words) Published: June 1, 2013
tWrite about the quail bird.
a. Origin
b. Reproduction
c. Rearing/maturity period

Japanese Quails (Coturnix Quail) are from pheasant family and are migratory birds which migrate between Asia and Europe. The region of origin of these birds is believed to be south East Asia. Back in history, the reference to quails can be traced back in the old testament of the bible. It is also said that the Egyptians caught the quails on a large number from their farmland for meat. But there are no records of quails being bred in captivity by the Egyptians or the Europeans. But there are no records of these birds being domesticated before 12th century. In China these birds were raised as pets. They were also kept as singing birds. In the late eleventh century, quail was brought to Japan from China. The first written record on the domestication of quails in Japan can be dated back to twelfth century. It is also believed that a Japanese Emperor got cured from tuberculosis after eating quail meat. Afterwards, the Japanese people started raising quail extensively for meat and egg. By the mid twentieth century, the population of quail in Japan increased extensively. Since these wild birds were tamed and bred in captivity by the Japanese people, they are also known as Japanese quail. From Japan these birds were taken to all over south East Asia as well as central Asia. There were a lot of mouths to feed on an Egyptian building site so if you weren't employed as a pyramid technician you were probably growing wheat, fruit and raising quail. The Egyptians soon realised that quail were a brilliant source of protein for their workers so established large farms for breeding them. These days, Egyptian might not be that widely spoken anymore but quail are still an important source of food for both the meat and eggs in a lot of countries. Quail eggs are in fact arguably more nutritious weight for weight than chickens eggs but more on that later. Quail have features in...
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