The Purpose of Satire

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  • Published : March 25, 2013
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The Purpose of Satire

In most of the Franklin’s biography Franklin utilizes the humor and creates satires in order to help the public review certain norms in their society. Franklin employs humor as tact to point out the flaws in the obvious of certain policies, ideas, and concepts. For Franklin, his spec writings often point out issues he sees in the norms by describing them to the extremes. Humor is a gentle technique to get people or followers to certain ideas, activities or to look deeper into concepts that are already in practice. This seems to be Franklin’s specialty. His tongue of wit highlights and forces the reader to question the purpose of such policies. His satires aids him in conveying a message in a way that people are open to listen and more likely to re evaluate the norms. The beauty of humor is its ability to rely a message of importance in manner that is not reprimanding thus most audiences are more reciprocal to what is being said. In Franklin’s time slavery was in full swing even though society was slowly realizing it was wrong. Franklin instead of forming a protest and speaking out against anyone who owns slaves, Franklin wrote “The Pennsylvania Abolition Society to the United States Congress” and the piece “Benjamin Franklin to the Federal Gazette” to highlight the unjustness of slavery in both a forward way of all are equal and satirical way. When reading such writing both give the reader a gentle push to consider whether they are in the wrong without reprimanding anyone. His technique helps him to argue for what is right without being seeming Of Franklin’s satirical pieces are one of his most humorous and valid pieces is the “The Speech of Miss Polly Baker” in which highlights the extremeness of punishing a lady with many bastard children when so many other problems in society. When Franklin highlights the ridiculousness of fining a woman who is raising children by herself for it takes away the money she can provide for her children,...
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