The Process When Making an Act of Parliament

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The Process When Making an Act of Parliament
Making law is one of the core functions of Parliament. Laws begin as bills and must progress through a number of set stages in both the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Only Parliament can make new laws, or change existing ones, that affect the whole of the UK and so proposals are brought to Parliament by the Government and by individual Members of Parliament .These are called ‘Bills’. There are 3 different types of Bills, these are Public Members’ Bills, Private Members’ Bills and Hybrid Members’ Bills. Most Public Bills are introduced into Parliament involve public policies which will either effect the whole country or a large section of it, these Bills are known as Public Bills, for example, the Legal Services Act 2007. Public Bills change the law which applies to the population and are the most common type of Bill in Parliament Government Bills, and those put forward by MP’s or Lords, also known as Private Members’ Bills. A Private Bill is a Bill designed to pass a law which will only affect individual people. A Private Bill does not make law for the whole country. However, a Private Members Bill is a Bill which is introduced by an indivual Member of Parliament. Very little Private Member Bills become laws, but there have been some important laws passed, for example the Abortion Act 1967 and the Household Waste Recycling Act 2003. MPs and Lords can introduce as many bills as they want, but most of them will have little chance of becoming laws. A ballot is present at the start of each parliamentary session. Sometimes an MP will use the Ten Minute Rule to make a short speech on the advantages of a bill they want to introduce, which is often a way of drawing attention to an issue rather than saying the advantages of their chosen bill. Bills can be introduced to either the Commons or the Lords first, every Public Bill has to be passed through stages in both Houses until it can become a law. The first stage...
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