The Process of Making a Film

Topics: Film, Actor, Editing Pages: 1 (300 words) Published: October 25, 2011
A film is also called a movie which produced by recording photographic image with cameras. In order to make a complete film, there are some several steps we need to do.
First, we need to find a ‘property’. ‘Property’ means the story which the film is based on. The idea can be original or an adaptation that can be used as the focus of the script, around which to tell a story. After the property has been found, we start to write the script. Script is a general term for a written work detailing story, setting and dialogue. The script is written either by original writer or director. The script director, producer and director usually work closely together. Preparing a script is time consuming and lengthy. It’s really take time to complete it.

The next step is casting for the film. Casting is obviously vital if we want to make our film successfully. Actors and actresses should be chosen carefully before the film start. We may choose either well known international stars or more obscure actors and actresses who have yet to make a name for them in the industry. After that, we start filming. It normally takes six to eight months to complete a film. It is typically non-chronological and takes place on soundstages and location. Filming on location is usually extremely expensive.

After filming, we start editing. This is a long and complicated process. The editor must ensure that the best takes are selected, length of scenes is appropriate and overall place of film is correct. Lastly, composer will compose music after editing process is completed. Composing is difficult as the composer must watch the film and compose music simultaneously. The soundtrack must be approved by producer and director. Finally, a film produced. (295 words)
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