The Problem of Determination of Phraseology

Topics: Detective fiction, Lexicology, Phraseology Pages: 2 (461 words) Published: December 13, 2012
The problem of determination of phraseology, phraseological unit and classification of phraseological units interested home and oversea linguists (Sh.Balli, A.V.Counin, N.M.Shansciy, N.N.Amosova, A.I.Smirnitsciy, acad. V.V.Vinogradov, V.N.Teliya). In the given work we we consider the most current and complete notions of phraseology, phraseological unit and we analyse classifications FE, offered by home and oversea linguists, with the purpose of creation of the own classification built on the sign of thematic likeness of phraseological units. The researches conducted in the first section confirmed supposition about existence of great number of hypotheses, that is up to the origin, determination and classification of phraseological unit, Key in our research it is possible to name determinations of phraseological unit, given Sh.Balli, that names connection “phraseological turns”, that were firmly included in a language. (Balli Sh., 2001, 21); determination of “phraseological unit”, the given O.S.Ahmanovoy sounds, how “combination of words, in which semantic monolithic nature (integrity of nomination) satisfies above structural divisible of component its elements (feature extraction of object inferior to his integral denotation), is, what it functions as a result of in composition of suggestion as an equivalent of separate word”. In the Large encyclopaedic dictionary we we find the following determination of phraseology: “phraseological unit – idiom” - executing function of separate word firm combination of words, the value of which was unshown out of values of constituents his component. In our work under a term “phraseological unit” we we understand the special group of firm expressions, that are characterized by the idiomatic value. ( Zagorouyco A.Ya., and Arnold )I.V. _Reasoning about style to the detective, within the framework of which by us four works of popular author of detective novels were explored – the English authoress Agatha Cristi – we tried to...
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