The Prejudice Does Exist in Our Modern World

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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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By Ercilia Chapman
March 12, 2013
According to Wikipedia the definition of prejudice is: “making a decision before becoming aware of the relevant facts of a case”. Now that I’ve living in U.S.A prejudice seems to be all over the world. In our modern world people prejudge others for many things. People don’t respect others. They assume that being different is bad. People prejudge other because of their sexual orientation, gender, race, ethnicity, language and nationality. Prejudices about sexual orientation exist all over the world. It is really common nowadays to find people that discriminate against others because they are gays or lesbians. It does not matter that in some States in The United States, such as California, Vermont, Maine, New Jersey and Connecticut, and some cities in Europe marriage between people of same sex is legal. You can find places in Latin America, Central America, etc…that gays and lesbians cannot get a job. Not everyone is really open minded to accept that some people are born gay. Gays and lesbians have always existed; the different between decades ago and our present time is that people don’t hide their sexual preferences. For instance, people accept gays or lesbian as long as they are artists (designer, painter, actors, etc…) maybe they can just allow in the arts. It is rare to have a Senator, President or someone else in the politician who is gay or lesbian. Not many people would vote for that person. The Dominican Republic, nobody hired a gay or lesbian to do any kind of job in an office, customer service, etc. My friend, Ivan Garcia, was born gay and this fact doesn’t mean that he is not smart enough to do any work. At school, the guys made fun of him because his mannerisms. After he finished school, he got a job as a dancer in a popular TV program. Prejudice against women is often found. Everybody knows that women have suffered throughout world history. Women have...
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