The Precis Indexing in Library and Information Science

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PRECIS Preserved Context Indexing System
Preserved Context Indexing System (PRECIS) was developed by Derek Austin in 1968 as a result of long research which the Classification Research Group (CRG) undertook to give a new general classification for information control. This system is considered as the most important development in alphabetical approach to subject specification in recent years. The system aims at providing an alphabetical subject index which is able to cater to the variant approaches of the users along with their context. In order to achieve this objective, the system arranges the components of a document, into a significant sequence; thus, all the important components in the string are used as approach points. Simultaneously, the terms are displayed in such a fashion that every term is related to the next term in a context dependent way. Moreover, the system is amenable to computer operation, which further adds to the advantage of the system as the entries will be prepared and arranged automatically by the computer. Essential Features of PRECIS

PRECIS has the following important features:-
1. The system derives headings that are co-extensive with the subject at all access points. 2. It is not bound to any classification scheme.
3. The terms are context dependent in nature, which enables the users to identify the entries correctly. 4. The entries are generated automatically by the computer references between semantically related terms. 5. It also provides adequate arrangement of references between semantically related terms. 6. It is a flexible system, as it is able to incorporate newly emerging terms accordingly. 7. It has introduced the PRECIS table which puts forth a set pattern for the preparation of entries, thus bringing about consistency in work. Concept of PRECIS

The concept of PRECIS deals with terms, strings, and role operators Term: A term is a verbal representation of a concept....
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