The Possible Outcomes of Globalization

Topics: Culture, Globalization, American way Pages: 4 (1543 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Human beings have always been dirty, corrupt, deceitful and horrible. But humans also have some redeeming factors that account for our current state of relative peace, our ability to innovate, the ability for great kindness and to care for other living things. All because each individual person is as different as the last with their own unique experiences and morals and standards that accumulate to our own incredibly different personalities and attitudes. Yet there are those who believe that striping us of the things that makes will be a great improvement on society even when the evidence points elsewhere.

There is a very clear disagreement in our society about what we should do and what the benefits of globalization are. ‘Black’ and ‘White’ sides to a very grey issue. Usually people on the right will say that globalization is a good thing, giving you this; Claims increase in diversity and creativity, trade becomes easier and cheaper, goods become more accessible and cheaper, and that everyone will be materially richer.”Countries are becoming more alike in the sense of offering some more commonly diverse choices.”-Tyler Cowen(supporter of Globalization) The other side to this are people that are decidedly on the left and they will say things like; Homogenization of culture, loss of creativity, total loss of some cultures, people will become easier to control through advertisements, society becomes about working and keeping ‘afloat’ and not living an actual life, creates violence within people try to protect their culture.”Fast food...becomes a fueling up ritual...but if it social or family values is what you about...then its a disaster.”-Benjamin Barber (advocate against globalization). Although I say most conservatives and most liberals is because some conservatives don’t see it for what is and buy into what the businessman would say and that all cultures would get a bit of every other culture and are fearful of the blending of culture and are...
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