The Possible Compromise for the Drinking Age

Pages: 2 (764 words) Published: November 17, 2012
The possible compromise for the Drinking Age
Many debate whether the drinking age is at a reasonable age. It has been a controversial topic that has influenced many people and has been disputed upon numerous times. The drinking age should be lowered to age 19, for many reasons. The majority of teenagers that want to drink, are already drinking before the age of 21. At age 19 students are out of High School, and getting ready to live on their own. They also have the responsibility of making choices because they are adults.

A lot of people believe that having the drinking age at 21 helps prevent teenagers from making thoughtless decisions. Teenagers that want to drink, do it anyways before they are of legal age. No matter what the drinking age is, there will always be some people that are going to drink before that specific age. A lot of people start drinking because they know it is illegal and they just want to break the rules. So if the drinking age was lowered, it could possibly lower the amount of people drinking because they won't feel obligated to drink since they can drink whenever they want. Also once teenagers reach a certain age they realize that they have a lot more responsibility and they think that the drinking age is overrated. Since the privilege of drinking is far from any other privileges that one obtains at a much earlier age, they don’t want to wait for just one privilege. By lowering the drinking age some people might wait a few years till they are legal and therefore there would be less teenagers making thoughtless mistakes.

Many argue that the drinking age should be lowered to age 18. At this age students are still in High School, where it would be very inappropriate for students to show up with alcohol in their systems or having a hangover from the night before. At age 19, however, students are out of High School and the majority of them are independent, and moved away from home. People of the age 19 are just as responsible at the...
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