The Popcorn Challenge

Topics: Popcorn, Maize, Flint corn Pages: 4 (1035 words) Published: October 13, 2012

Popcorn is a type of corn that pops when heat is applied to it. It is a very popular snack all over the world. It is clear to the average individual that not all corn pops well, as a matter of fact, some corn do not pop at all because of their nature. There are different types of corn but primarily all corn types fall under five different categories: Flour Corn; Flint Corn; Dent Corn; Sweet Corn and of course, Pop Corn (, 2012). Popcorn is popular among other things because it is easy to prepare, being a whole grain food with low fat and calories, it can be described as a healthy snack choice.

Being a popular snack of choice especially at the movie theatre as well as at home, for businesses and the individual, the brand and hence the type of corn that produces the most pop is always the brand of choice. In this experiment therefore, I am going to find out which of the three brands of popcorn under consideration leaves the smallest amount of un-popped corn. I will hypothesize that of the three brands under consideration: ACT II, J. Higgs and POP Weaver, J. Higgs will leave the least amount of un-popped kernel. This hypothesis is based on past personal experiences where as a family we have concluded that J.HIGGS seem to give us more popped corn than the other brands. This conclusion was not scientific but just out of sheer observation over an unspecified time period.

Questions such as “which brand of popcorn is best?” “which pops faster?” “Which pops with less unpopped kernel?” and so on, have been asked several times in the past and experiments to prove some or all of the above questions and theories have been tried. Reference to two of such experiments are Popcorn Lab Report (Mode, 2010) and POP!!!! The Science behind popcorn (Luket_Jbes8, 2010). In the Popcorn Lab Report it was hypothesized that Orville Redenbacher popcorn brand has larger...
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