The Planners by Boey Kim Cheng

Topics: Poetry, Literature of Singapore, City Pages: 4 (850 words) Published: October 23, 2010
The Planners
Boey Kim Cheng
Andrew Annear and Edward Scrimgeour
Biographical details
• Boey Kim Cheng was born in Singapore in 1965. He
received his Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Arts
degrees in English Literature from the National
University of Singapore.
• Worked for some time in America as a probation
• Disillusioned with the state of literary and cultural
politics in Singapore, Boey left for Sydney with his
wife in 1996.
• in Australia, Boey completed his Ph.D. studies with
the University of Macquarie. Boey is currently an
Australian citizen and teaches creative writing at the
University of Newcastle.
Literary History
• In 1987, Boey won first prize at the National University of Singapore Poetry Competition while studying as an undergraduate.
• Aged 24, he published his first collection of poetry(Somewherebound). it went on to win the National Book Development Councils
(NBDCS) Book Award for Poetry in 1992.
• his second volume of poems Another Place received the
commendation award at the NBDCS Book Awards.
• In 1995, Days Of No Name, which was inspired by the people whom he met in the United States, was awarded a merit at the Singapore Literature Prize.
• In recognition of his artistic talent and contributions, Boey received the National Arts Council's Young Artist Award in 1996.
• Boey produced his fourth volume of poetry in 2006. After the Fire deals primarily with the passing of his father in 2000.
• Boey's works have also appeared in many poetry anthologies Themes
• The disillusionment of the artist and the intellectual
for the supposedly soulless path of technological
progress and industrialization.
• the discomfort of the artist with mundane, everyday
life and with science-driven, apparently heartless
modernist progress
• Different interpretations of progress. Some treasure
scientific progress and others culture growth
• The plans become the facade of culture, their form
of escapism
• History cycles, what...
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