The Plague of Sexual Harassment in Egypt

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  • Published : December 13, 2010
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The Plague of Sexual Harassment in Egypt
Sexual harassment is a common occurrence here in Egypt whether it’s verbal or physical harassment. As sad as it may seem I was never affected by this problem until it happened to me a couple of months ago. I was walking one afternoon with my mother and young sister on Baghdad Street we were window shopping and having fun, but suddenly out of the blue a guy passing by with a bicycle touched me in an inappropriate way. At first I was too shocked to do anything and by the time I started to yell it was too late the guys had disappeared down the street. When that happened to me I began to pay more attention to the situation in Egypt because sexual harassment in Egypt is increasing at a alarming rate and it needs to be stopped. It not only happened to me but it also happened to some of my friends and relatives, the streets of Cairo are unsafe for woman no matter how early or late the time is there is always a possibility of sexual harassment.

There are many reasons for sexual harassment and its effects on women are catastrophic women are afraid to walk on the streets for fear of harassment, it also have a major effect on the society and it affects how we Egyptian are viewed to the world. One of the main reasons that sexual harassment happens is because the harasser can get away with it and that affects women and our society. In Egypt there is no punishment for sexual harassment people could do it and get away with it (Reem Leila). This has many effects to it, first when harassers realize that they could harass and get away with it there is nothing stopping them from doing it again and that makes the women more afraid of walking on the streets in Egypt and if they did walk on the streets they wouldn’t feel safe always looking behind their backs always expecting to be harassed. Moreover it also affect the society for example the incident that happened in down town Cairo that groups of men started to aggressively attack...
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