The Pizza Puzzle Case Study

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The Pizza Puzzle Case Study
In the case, Sharon worked in a restaurant as Food Service Manager, he noticed pizza was popular in the recent days and tried her best to plan a proposal to let the restaurant she worked had the most profit. It was good for his corporation and the people who worked for it. If implemented, Sharon’s proposal treats the competitors as mere means in the case. When Marigold Inn start making pizzas and improve their quality to be as good as other firms, other firms will also improve their pizzas or invent new food to compete with Marigold. So Sharon didn’t treat the competitors as rational natures.

1. Sharon did a lot to serve high quality piazza to compete with other pizza firms and improve his restaurant’s profit. 2. Everyone will do a lot to serve high quality pizza to compete with other pizza firms and improve his or her restaurant’s profit. 3. Can conceive as a universal law

4. Sharon wills the conservation and it is moral.

The maxim of Sharon’s action can be conceived as a universal law. Because everyone want to have the corporation he or she worked for had the most profit, so she or he will get more profit as well. And all Sharon’s actions are right and have no contradiction in themselves.

Because it can be conceived as a universal law, Sharon will will it. From Sharon’s mind (or my mind), if others also did their best to improve their food to compete, the whole industry will be better and better. This is how the society and the world move forward. So she will everyone to do it and will it as a universal law.
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