The Person Who I Admire Most

Topics: Positive psychology, Love, Primate Pages: 1 (329 words) Published: September 30, 2012
The Person Who I Admire Most

Everybody has someone he or she admires very much in the heart, who may be a scientist, a writer or a super star. As for the one I admire the most is my dear father. My father is a teacher who deeply loves his work. He treats it enthusiastically and conscientiously, and he is full of respected at work by his colleagues and leadership. For always being a responsible person at the work, my father also merited many awards. He is also broad-minded and rich in love and compassion. Each time when he saw the people in difficulties, he would put out his hand to help them out. “Money is limited while love is priceless”, he often says.

My father loves me very much; he has never yelled or scolded to me. When I made mistakes, he always told me with kind and pleasant countenance what I had done wrong and let me know what was right. Once I broke a neighbor's window. Seeing nobody around, I ran away immediately. When Dad came home, he noticed my uneasiness and asked me what had happened. I could only tell him the truth. Rather than scold me, he praised my honesty and then encouraged me to apologize to our neighbor. I learned from this episode that not only does Dad take care of our health but he also teaches us how to be a good man. Whenever I was perplexed by a tough question in my study, I asked my dad, and then he would always explain it to me softly and patiently. And dad always told me to be calm and confident with all problems no matter how big or little they were.

Well, here is my father, a person who gives me great education, which makes me understand a lot about this world, which is life-long, unforgettable, and forever benefits. How lucky I am to have such a good father!
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