The Persecution of Heracles Children

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The Persecution of Heracles Children

The play “The Children of Heracles” a drama, the author is Euripides (485-c-406 BC). The type of play is a tragedy. The locale of the play takes place before the temple of Zeus at Marathon. The principal characters of the play are Iolaus, aged friend of Heracles, Copreus, herald of King Eurystheus Demophon King of Athens Macaria Heracles daughter Alcmene mother of Heracles and Eurystheus King of Argos. The play was written during the Peloponnesian War. The play deals with the persecution of Heracles children by the King of Argos, Eurysrhes, the play is set at Mararthon, a small town twenty five miles northeast of Athens.

The play starts after the death of Heracles, As the play begins, the children of Heracles and a friend of Heracles, Iolaus have taken refuge at the altar of Zeus in Marathon. The two sons of Heracles stays on the steps outside the temple of Zeus, while Alcmena and the daughters of Heracles take refuge inside the temple. Since Iolaus and the children were sent into exile, they had been pursued by the enemies of Heracles, especially Eurystheus, King of Argos, who had stated that punishment would come to any town who would give refuge to Iolaus and the children of Heracles. As Iolaus and Heracles sons set on the steps of the altar of Zeus they are confronted by Copreus, the herald of King Eurysthues. He demands that Iolaus and the children of Heracles return to Argos, Copreus the herald of King Eurystheus attempts to drag Heracles sons from the altar. Iolaus pushes Copreus to the ground. Copreus gets up and continues to drag Heracles sons from the altar. Iolaus cries out as Copreus is removing the sons of Heracles. Iolaus cries of help are answered by the men of Marathon.

After Iolaus explains the situation to the men of Marathon about how the kings of Argos Eurystheus wants the decendents of...
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