The Pearl Epilogue

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  • Published : April 16, 2013
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The Pearl Epilogue
It has been five years since Kino and Juana through away the pearl back into the deep blue sea. Kino, has been having many dreams about the day Coyotito’s head had been blown off of his silk skin body. From that day, they knew that it was time to enter a period of hiding. A new King of Spain was chosen because of the old one being assassinated. It was the previous Kings son who was bloodthirsty to find where Kino and Juana were hiding because since Kino had killed a man, he was also pinned for the murder of King Aurellious; which was not a crime he had committed. The King of Spain had searched the native’s entire homeland to hopefully capture them, but the King was thinking to smart. For five years, Kino and Juana have been hiding in a dark black cave that was as cold as a freezer. They were feared of being ripped to shreds as if they were real animals being skinned. Kino and Juana have grown apart from purposes long ago, but they realized they needed each other for the problems they are encountering now.

Although Kino and Juana had their differences in seeing each other, they each had moments over the years where they loved each other very much. It was enough for Juana to reach a stage of being pregnant once again. With a new baby on the way it certainly kept Juana occupied for many months. Kino for months found food, water, and enough things to call a cave somewhat of his home. No matter how many animals Kino had skinned it wasn’t enough to keep him or Juana warm. Juana was growing very sick because she was losing energy from caring the baby in her stomach. When the time came for the baby can come out of Juana’s whom, she was on the edge of dying. They both knew that the baby would have to be cut out of Juana’s whom, so Juana insisted to do anything to her to get the one thing Kino and her wanted the most, their beautiful baby daughter. Kino had to kill Juana for she wouldn’t have to suffer the pain of being sliced like a butcher slices...
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