The Other Face of America

Topics: Immigration to the United States, Jeb Bush, Illegal immigration Pages: 3 (1028 words) Published: March 23, 2006
Jerry Limas
April 22, 2005
The Other Face of America

Immigrants from all backgrounds and walks of life are fully aware of the challenges they will face during their journey into the United States. Despite these major barriers to a successful migration, many risk all they have including their loved ones to complete their pilgrimage to the "land of plenty". The Other Face of America, written by Jorge Ramos, exposes the many obstacles encountered by these immigrants during and after the completion of their endeavor.

Jorge Ramos, anchorman for Noticiero Univision for about the past two decades, winner of seven Emmy awards for excellence in journalism, is not only recognized for his journalism talents but is widely becoming a much sought after "commodity" in the world of politics. He has been able to demonstrate the significant role the Latino influence will bare on political outcomes

His book, "The Other Face of America" makes a strong statement in regards to the difficulties awaiting the illegal immigrant. This book is vivid and very powerful to anyone who has ever had an opinion in regards to the issue of illegal immigrant in this country. Ramos does not limit his material to Mexican immigrants but touches on immigrants of Latin origins in general. . He unravels popular myths and beliefs of reasons why anyone would be willing to accept the confrontations these individuals are destined to endure.

Individuals attempting to illegally make their way into our country make that determination out of necessity and not by choice. In most cases, these individuals are escaping a country that offers no opportunity for a reasonable chance at life. It is difficult to envision anyone willing to sacrifice their life or the lives of their loved ones out of mere preference. Crossing into our country is most likely the most trouble free portion of their venture. Once on this side of the "friendly border" they will not only have to contend with an unruly border patrol...
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