The Nursing Process

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Nursing Process
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Nursing Process
In the field of nursing, the nursing process is a vital tool used to promote appropriate and effective nursing care to patients. The actual nursing process consists of five components, which are intermingled, and constantly adjusting or changing according to the patients needs. The Registered Nurse (RN), regardless of the area of nursing being practiced, utilizes the nursing process to effectively deliver patient-focused care (American Nurses Association, 2006) (Kuckyt, 2008). The assessment phase includes the gathering of facts. The information obtained includes psychological, physiological, and sociocultural data, as well as economic and life-style factors, which can all effect the patients’ recovery (American Nurses Association, 2006) (Kuckyt, 2008) (Quan, 2007). During this fact-finding phase, the RN obtains information from what he or she observes directly via a physical assessment as well as information obtained from other sources such as the patient, patient family, and laboratory or test results. This information is vital and essential before continuing through the remaining four phases of the Nursing Process and establishing an effective plan of care. For example, while obtaining a medical history from a Ketoacidosis patient, the nurse discovers the patient has had no formal teaching regarding the disease and a lack of financial resources. During the diagnosis phase, the RN is able to elaborate beyond the obvious clinical diagnosis determined by the physician. The RN uses the data obtained during the assessment phase as well as his or her critical thinking skills, to determine additional problems, which can determine the patients’ response to treatment (Ackley, 2008). The actual nursing diagnoses are included in a system named “The North American Nursing Diagnosis Association” or NANDA. The RN chooses an approved diagnosis from the NANDA list...
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