The Not-so Good Earth

Topics: Italy, Crimean War, Turin Pages: 2 (378 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Count Camillo Benso
Di Cavour

Count Camillo Benso has done so many remarkable things in his lifetime. His life started when he joined the Turin Military Academy when he was 10 years old. Joining the Army when he was 17 showed me that he wanted to fight his way through the world. Even though he resigned from the army 4 years later because of boredom, he also left because he didn’t like the way the government was leading them into battle. Benso travelled around the world where he saw the places for what they really were. Reaching Paris, he was impressed by the way by their political achievement and that inspired him to attempt to solve the economic problems in Turin. The crowned king of the 19th century, victor Emmanuel, was very captivated by Benso as he fixed most of the problems in Turin so he offered Benso to be their prime minister in 1852. Benso didn’t straightaway want to unify Italy, he first wanted to unite Lombardy and Venetia. A year later, the elections came by and unfortunately Benso did not make the government due to the Piedmontese army was destroyed in the battle of Novara. Luckily, he was brought back by the people and promoted as the Minister of Agriculture. Benso finally realised that the army could not beat the Austrians without more troops. So to gain allies, he sent their army to fight with the French and British in the Crimean War. He strategically knew it would gain a friendship with Louis Napoleon III.

With the stronger forces backing up the Sardinian-Piemontese army, the French and British agreed to help Italy eliminate the Austrians from living on their soil which is Veneia and Lombardy, to make room for the kingdom being placed in Upper Italy. Count Benso showed how smart he was when he promised to give the cities who spoke French, Nice and Savoy, back to France in exchange for their help. He later spent his political days, collecting allies to go against the Austrians. Which insured Victor Emmanuel’s’ ruling to be over 11...
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