The Next Five Years in Viet Nam

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It’s argued that the greatest challenge facing human resource managers in Viet Nam in the next 5 years will be to attract and retain the quality staff for their organization. I agree with statement because at present Vietnam has to meet the risk of skilled labor shortage although we have abundant labor force. The rate of quality employees is very rarely. So, how can we improve the imbalance of workforce? It’s clear that company must attract and retain the quality staff in their company  how can company attract and retain employees? I will tell clearer in my assignment.

I/ Current workforce in Vietnam
According to HG,, Vietnam has 86 millions people include 73% population are farmer. This suggests that farmers are still major workforce and play important role in society. In many decades, farmers think plant rice, corn, etc… is the easiest job and no need to learn or get some knowledge about it. Although they apply science and technology for their job, the result is not good like they image because they do not have any knowledge or experience about using technology. In addition, workers have from 5 million to 6 million people (comprise 6% in population), however, the number of worker have knowledge, skill account for 3.3% in total worker in Vietnam. Because workers have not skill so they can not satisfy their job. This is lead to the imbalance of labor in company or organization. The firms do not lack of worker but they lack of skilled worker who play major role in important stages in the production line. Generally, human resource is difficult problem for business. So, to improve skill, experience of worker, the company has to some method to attract new employees who have good skill, knowledge, and retain old workers who have long experience, skill, ethnic, and enthusiasm,… However, it is important that how do firms can attract and retain good quality employees in the future? This is the biggest challenge for companies or organization in Vietnam in the next five year.

II/ How to attract and retain good quality employees in next five years? Following Brian Miller,, attracting and retaining the best employees is very crucial to the strength and overall success of businesses. There are many ways for employers or business owner can increase the chances of attracting and retaining good quality employees. The popular way is offering good salaries and opportunities to as they can truly be contributions to the growth of their company.

1. Attracting
How did managers find good quality employees? I think the most common way is using advertising and marketing program. This will immediately take the attention of any quality would be employee searching for a new opportunity. Advertising and marketing program not only help the client know the company but also to attract skill employees into the fold. In addition, using recruitment tools that are based on the Internet is another good way to find the employees that managers want to working for them. According to De Cieri Kramar et al (2008, p.264), Internet recruitment is method of attracting job applicants that relies on the Internet because using Internet is very popular now, the employers can search in any where, any time without leaving the home office. In my opinion, not every employee can easily access and navigate through the Internet, even at this day and age, so finding a very adept employee can actually be quite easy this way.

In my analysis, friendly atmosphere play important role in workplace. When the work environment is open enough for all employees to contribute and offer ideas and suggestion without ridicule or negative response, this sparks creativity in an employee and, again, empowers them to contribute more to the business. If everyone feels as though they are a part of the leadership process and not just a worker bee, they will have a satisfying feeling that can go a...
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