The New Apartment

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, Moon, Meaning of life Pages: 5 (2077 words) Published: April 29, 2011
The New Apartment: Minneapolis
By: Linda Hogan
Pg. 343
Linda Hogan captures the essence of a bigger picture while focusing on her emotional ties to current events taking place in the world surrounding her. She also emphasizes on her distinct feelings and their connection to her home, a place that causes her claustrophobic anxiety. “The New Apartment: Minneapolis” reveals Hogan’s psychological response to the building where she lives and the nature of impact on the escape and fantasy embodied in a personal space. On the surface, this poem portrays the annoyances of the building she lives in and the ways in which people have lost hope. She illustrates a vivid picture of personal emotion and a clear image of the apartment’s physical setting. My interpretation of “The New Apartment: Minneapolis” by Linda Hogan include the importance on difficulties and hardships experienced while considering the authors role as an Indian woman before and after the white invasion. It took time and deep thought to reveal the central idea of this poem due to the complexity of each individual stanza. Hogan expresses how she feels about life in her shoes and what it means to be an Indian. She dedicates several lines to recognizing the differences between what she was before white invasion and what she had experienced due to the invasion itself. She reveals what they experience now through proposing changes and detailed points of view for the reader. She addresses what it means to be a Native American woman in the world today and how her thoughts portray a feminist perspective on personal space.

In order to capture the personality and motivations of the speaker in this poem, we must first understand her background. The speaker can be defined as a middle-aged Indian woman who feels victimized. She reveals thoughts about the cramped and perpetually hopeless plight of the urban Indian. Hogan strikes me as a woman who exerts a feeling of hope while illustrating a situation that could be difficult to make light of. Her presence in the poem expresses a touch of dry humor while still captivating pain on the indication of the Native Americans depreciated status at that time. “Inside the walls, world changes are planned, bosses overthrown. If we had no coffee, cigarettes or liquor, says the woman in room 12, they’d have a revolution on their hands.” (28-34) Hogan shows individuality as a Native American woman because she separates herself from the greater population. Linda Hogan seems to be a feminist with strong opinions. She uses the color “red” as a symbol to represent reclamation of the “red Indian” slur. “But be warned, the moon grows full again and the roofs of this town are all red” (17-18) ”The color red can also however, allude to blood and a clear warning that the blood will flow when the natives are prepared to fight.

I would conclude the classification of this poem as both dramatic and narrative. I believe it to be narrative because the author is expressing a personal experience based on her ethnicity and world events that have altered her life beyond personal control. She is narrating by expressing her individual response to the white invasion, and subtly revealing a desire of hope for a brighter future. “No one here remembers the city or has lost the will to go on.” (45-46) I find this piece of literature to be dramatic based on the power behind Hogan’s words. She enhances multiple perspectives when she describes an experience unfathomable to most when looking at the “big picture”. Nevertheless, when dissecting each line individually, I believe most people could relate to the thoughts and emotions she portrays. She expressed a feeling common to many your people, by addressing the desire of and entitlement to her own space but also the internal pull towards “home” as an escape for when her real life gets too depressing by virtue of chaotic poverty around her.

Hogan stole my attention within the first two lines of this poem. She...
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