The Nephilim

Topics: Book of Genesis, Adam and Eve, Bible Pages: 3 (989 words) Published: April 22, 2013
The Nephilim

David Wood

Ever since I was a young boy mythology and the supernatural have always been very fascinating to me. I always loved hearing stories about ancient heroes and the tremendous deeds they performed with great might and strength. As I grew older I obviously became aware that these stories were not actually true and were in fact just legends passed down throughout the years. However, I have always wondered how these stories came about and if their origins contained any truth to them. While reading through the book of Genesis I stumbled across something that I believe may be the answer to how these stories of powerful heroes and men of renown came about. While only briefly mentioned in Genesis chapter six, the Nephilim could be the source of how these amazing stories came about. These mysterious creatures that are only mentioned in the bible a handful of times have aroused much debate and grabbed the attention of Bible scholars and secular scholars alike. These debates even go back into the New Testament times when people started asking the question of just how did these “Men of renown” and “Heroes of old” come to be? The words used to describe these creatures that roamed the Earth in ancient times described men that had tremendous strength and unusual power that the average man didn't. It is also stated that these offspring of the “Sons of God” and the “Daughters of men” committed evil deeds and led many people astray from the Lord and corrupted them. It is obvious that the stories of these men would get passed down generation after generation so it is easy to see how some of the myths we still know of today could have very well been influenced by the Nephilim. Now as the Nephilim became an increasingly debated topic during the fifth century AD the church had accepted the view that fallen angels had come down to the Earth and mated with human women for hundreds of years. However critics like Celsus and Julian the...
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