The Negative Effects of Smoking

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The Negative Effects of Smoking

Literature Review
The intent of this review of literature is to show the needs of the further research in how smoking effects the health of the smokers and their families, their financial state, the environment, and people around them. In order to help smokers quit smoking by showing them the reasons of why they should quit smoking and how they can quit. The literature review has shown a gap in the literature and the needs for the further research “the negative effects of smoking.”

How smoking hurts your health. (2012, 9 24). Retrieved from In this web page they talked about how smoking hurts the smoker’s health by damaging the lungs' cleaning and damaging the repair system and air sacs in the lungs. They also talked about the signs of lung damage from smoking which are feeling out of breath when walking up a short flight of stairs, coughing, spitting up mucous, and repeat chest infections. And they also talked about how smoking will hurt the rest of the smoker’s body.

(n.d.). Smoking's effects on the lungs. Retrieved from In this article they talked about the effects of smoking on the lungs which are mainly caused by tar and nicotine the two main ingredients of cigarette smoke. They mentioned that nicotine can wreak havoc on the heart because it makes the smoker’s blood vessels smaller in diameter for a while which make the heart pump harder to provide the body with the oxygen it needs. They mentioned also that smoking disturb the balance within the lungs because the lungs work to rid the tubes of tar by stimulating its owner to cough. And the gas exchange is hampered because nicotine has constricted the blood vessels, pumping the blood too far away from the air sacs. When the lungs cannot clean out the tar, the air sacs can collapse.

(n.d.). How smoking affects the environment?. Retrieved from In this article they talked about how smoking affects the environment by causing air pollution because of the harmful substances which is released in the air from the cigarette and by causing land and water pollution. Also they talked about how the manufacturing process affects the environment by decreasing the amount of trees to produce paper for rolling and packaging of the cigarettes and less trees means less filtered air.

Gilchrist, R. (2007). How Best to Quit Smoking: Interview with Dr. Randy Gilchrist. Retrieved from:

In this article Dr. Randy Gilchrist stated that quitting smoking is hard for the smokers because smoking is considered as a habit for the smokers that offers them relaxation and comfort. And because of the addiction of the nicotine. Then he mentioned three advices that can help smokers to quit. After that he gave an advice to help them stay motivated. His advice was that smokers should write a list of their reasons of quitting and keep this list close to them which will help them quit smoking by remembering all the reasons they mentioned in the list.

How smoking hurts your health. (2012, 9 24). Retrieved from:

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Most of the people have their own habits that they get used to do in different situations. Some...
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