The Necklace Irony

Topics: Guy de Maupassant, Irony, Short story Pages: 3 (1057 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Ashley Solomon
Nov. 7 2012
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The Irony In "The Necklace", by Guy De Maupassant
As I worked on my pervious paper, I questioned myself if there was a literary term and if there was which one over powered the story. As I began research for this essay and typed in "The Necklace by Guy De Maupassant" in the Google toolbar, I saw the word irony and quickly came up with the question as to, where is the irony in the story "The Necklace"? To my surprise, this story surrounds itself with irony being found in the smallest details. My first source came from an article written by Dariles Castillo, in 2010. He summarizes the short story but only going into detail on three different occasions, which happens to be the main points. The first being the introduction, where Madam Loisel is insulting her own home saying, "She suffered from the poorness of her house, from its mean walls, worn chairs, and ugly curtains." She continuously went about day dreaming of a better life, "She imagined vast saloons hung with antique silks, exquisite pieces of furniture supporting priceless ornaments, and small, charming, perfumed rooms, created just for little parties of intimate friends, men who were famous and sought after, whose homage roused every other woman's envious longings. "(The Necklace). The second occasion is the climax of the story and also where the irony begins, which is the necklace missing. Her and her husband looked everywhere but the end result was them having to buy a brand new necklace having no funds left in their name. The last occasion, is ten years later when she runs into her friend who she borrowed the necklace from. She confessed to her friend about her losing the necklace and had been paying it off ever since, but the friend tells her the necklace was nothing but a costume jewelry, this being situational irony. At the end she learns all could have been avoided by being honest with her friend, or by appreciating what she had instead of what she...
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