The Necklace

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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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The Necklace

In "The Necklace" by Guy De Maupassant, Mrs. Loisel believes that the idea of beauty is shown by wealth and power in society. She believes that she was supposed to be born into the life of luxury, but instead is having to live a poverty lifestyle. Mrs. Loisel borrows the "perfect" necklace and wears it to a high society event that she desires to belong in. She ends up wasting ten years of her life trying to keep a friend that lives a high society life. Maupassant describes Mrs.Loisel as a woman who believes beauty is determined by expensive things, but in reality beauty is determined by what is inside.

At the beginning of the story Maupassant interprets Mrs. Loisel as a woman who believes that she was destined to live the life full of extravagance and wealth. She believed that she lives a lower class life. When Maupassant writes, “She was a simple person, without the money to dress well, but she was as unhappy as if she had really gone down in the world.” (187) he is making the reader picture that she is the modern day homeless person. Mrs. Loisel constantly daydreams about the luxurious life she feels that she was destined to live. To her, the epitome of beauty is represented by all materialistic things, and has nothing to do with what’s inside. Maupassant writes, “She imagined large drawing rooms draped in the most expensive silks, with fine end tables on which were placed knickknacks of inestimable value.” (187) Which proves to the reader she is nothing but a materialistic woman that only cares about herself.

When Mrs. Loisel looses the necklace that she borrowed from her wealthy friend, Mrs. Forrestier, she was devastated and feared that she not only may have lost her one connection to living a life of luxury. Mrs. Loisel and her husband found a necklace that matched the lost one, but it was forty thousand francs but they were able to talk the jeweler down to thirty-six thousand francs. There was no way the couple could afford it with...
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