The Nassau Grouper

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The Nassau Grouper (scientific name: Epinephelus striatus) is a member of the grouper/seabass family (been overfished, and the range has been correspondingly narrowed from its historic distribution. Family Serranidae ) that lives on coral reef in the Western Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea.

Physical Features
Nassau groupers are large fishes that range in size from 0.25 to 1.22 meters in length and can reach a maximum weight of 25 kilograms. Their thick bodies are light with five dark bars on their backs. They have a diagonal bar from the snout, through their eye, to the dorsal fin and a dark blotch on the base of their tail. They can change colors in a few minutes


I got my information from and was help by two of my mom”Ms. Ceopatra Rolle” and her two co-worker named Mrs. Karen Musgrove and Mrs. Latoya Powell


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”Ms. Cleopatra Rolle
and her two co-worker
Mrs. Karen Musgrove
Mrs. Latoya Powell

Types of Grouper
There are a lot of Types of Groupers . There are Twenty (20) known groupers , 1. Gag
2. Yellowfin
3. Scamp
4. Yellowmouth Grouper
5. Tiger Grouper
6.Jew Fish
7.Warsaw Grouper

8.Red Grouper
9.Nassau Grouper
10.Red Hind
11.Rock Hind
13.Gray By
14.Speckle Hind
15.Marbled Grouper
16.Misty Grouper
17.Snowy Grouper

18.Black Sea Bass
19.Yellowedge Grouper
20.Sand Perch

Distinguished Features of the Nassau Grouper
The Nassau Grouper is buff-coloured, with five dark brown vertical bars and a large black saddle blotch on top of the caudal peduncle, and a row of black dots below and behind the eye. It has a distinctive dark tuning-fork mark beginning at the front of the upper jaw, extending dorsally along the

interobital and bifurcating on top of the head behind the eyes. It has another dark band from the tip of the snout through...
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