The Narrator Characterizes the Life of Minnie Cooper from Her Girlhood to Adulthood by Using Tone, Selection of Detail, and Syntax.

Topics: Adult, Girl, Audience Pages: 2 (824 words) Published: April 29, 2013
The narrator characterizes the life of Minnie Cooper from her girlhood to adulthood by using tone, selection of detail, and syntax.

The narrator characterizes Minnie Cooper girlhood to adulthood by using tone. In her girlhood the tone stays calm and joyful. " She lived in a small frame house with her invalid mother and a thin, sallow, un-flagging aunt, where each morning between ten and eleven she would appear on the porch in a lace-trimmed boudoir cap, to sit swinging in the porch swing until noon". The tone allows the audience to see that Minnie lives a joyful pleasant life and is happy with it during girlhood. As time pass an Minnie is starting to enter adulthood and make that transformation the tone changes to doleful and quiet. " Her mother kept to her room altogether now; the gaunt aunt ran the house. Against that background Minnie's bright dresses, her idle and empty days, had a quality of furious unreality. She went out in the evenings only with women now, neighbors, to the moving pictures." The tone allows you to see that Minnie was not the same person after transforming to adulthood. Minnie over time change and went from being happy to being sad, after seeing how serious adulthood was and how adults get treated.

The narrator Characterizes Minnie Cooper girlhood to adult hood by using selection of detail. The narrator uses the way she dress and the things Minnie did to show her transformation from girlhood to adulthood. The narrator does so by conveying "After dinner she lay down for a while, until the afternoon began to cool. Then, in one of the three or four new voile dresses which she had each summer, she would go downtown to spend the afternoon in the stores with the other ladies". The selection of detail allows you to see how Minnie live her girlhood to adulthood. It shows the audience that Minnie was a well know and well liked person while still in her girlhood times. As Minnie aged to adulthood she reckon to become more aware of herself...
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