The Mysteries in Frankenstein

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  • Published : February 8, 2007
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In the novel Frankenstein, both Victor Frankenstein and his monster are engaged in solving the different and unique mysteries of their individual lives. The knowledge that they gain in their investigations are what shape this story. Victor engrossed himself in solving the mystery of the creation of life and its commodities, whereas the monster is trying to learn how to solve the mysteries of life and live life itself by only observing society. Victor is possessed by "Promethean ambition" in his obsession in the natural sciences and the process of becoming "God" and creating life. Victor is successful in his experiments and becomes the creator of a hideous being, otherwise known as the monster. The consequences of his ambition are the complete destruction of his life, his family, his happiness, and his sanity. Victor learns the lesson that the power of creation and Promethean ambition in the mindless pursuit of dangerous knowledge will bring destruction throughout the entire novel. The monster is forced to face the world alone, where society rejects all abnormalities. The monster learns the mysteries of love, affection, family, and compassion while living near the De Lacey's. His desire to be a part of that grows and after he is rejected by them, the monster realized that he is unable to be a part of the compassion that he has observed and resorts to evil and revenge for his creator. Throughout the novel, the monster is faced with all the mysteries of life; such as fire, love, language, and communication. Victor learned the lesson of depriving the monster of his companion by the monster destroying his family. The destruction in Victor's family includes the monster's murder of his younger brother, William. This resulted in Justine, a house servant whom everyone loved and trusted, being convicted as the murderer and was put to death. After the monster witnessed Victor destroying his incomplete companion, he murdered Victor's best...
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