The Music of Dolphins

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Dolphin, Friendship Pages: 2 (525 words) Published: March 8, 2012
Cleighton Maiava Book Report 10/26/11 “The Music of Dolphins” 183 pg. By; Karen Hesse

Just off the coast of Florida, A girl was rescued from an unpopulated island. She has been lost ever since at the age of 4, and was raised by dolphins until now. The girl was named Mila for Miracle, because miracle is when something is very difficult, but it happens. She has been living in sea for 13 years and was raised by dolphins and so it is a miracle. When Mila was found, she was dirty and naked and spoke no human language. She was put into an institution after she was found where she could learn how to write, speak and meet other children. Mila was a different child because she mostly enjoys swimming and singing, she especially likes to listen to the sounds of the ocean and other animals in the ocean. Mila is a very smart child because she learns faster and learns quicker than an ordinary child. Mila meets a friend whose name is Shay; shay was also a child who was put into the institution. Mila made friends with a female doctor whose name is Sandy, sandy is there to assist Dr. Beck and to help out with Mila. Mila and Sandy became really good friends, and because Mila was new at being friends with a human, she never wanted to leave sandy but sandy had to go home after work because her father was sick at the hospital. The next day Sandy got word that her father died. That whole day Sandy didn’t feel good and healthy but Mila was there to make her laugh and accompany her. Mila got closer to knowing what a family was and how it feels to have a family or to lose a family. Mila really like the feeling but she also missed her family dolphins that are waiting for her back at the ocean. Mila also met a boy whose name is Justin; he is Dr. Beck’s son. They too also...
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