The Moving Image

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  • Published : October 14, 2010
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Fedora (10486) BAFA1mA


Project Title: The art of the moving image

Project description:
Exploring the definitions of art, and if these definitions are hard and fast rules that we, as practicing artists, should adhere to. Thus, through this dissertation, I wish to confront the issue of whether moving images (film, video, media) can be considered a form of art. And if so, how do we define which kind of moving images are art, and which aren’t. Is there even such a segregation that we may draw, or is it entirely subjective?

Project objectives:
Challenge the notion that only certain kinds of moving images can be considered art. Challenge the mindset that art must be static, or purely visual, but it can be sensory in many other ways. Challenge the traditional theorists on their definition on what is or isn’t art; to break down art to its core essence.

Critical significance:
Thesis is to be exploratory, challenging existing ideas and theories with possibilities of the alternative. Looking at the classical definitions of art that Kant and Schopenhauer have come up with, and explore how these definitions permit or disallow the moving image to be considered art, and why this is so.

Themes and Context:
Time period covered – Surrealist movement up till present day Social/political/cultural concerns – Can we consider any form of moving image, such as media or Hollywood movies an artform? Or are they purely entertainment. Putting these moving images on a pedestal of celebrated classical art can add a new plane of value to them. People will look at these moving images differently if the notion of them being art occurs to them. Furthermore, the power of the moving image is great, as it attacks not only out sight and smell, as many artworks do, but also our hearing or even our touch at times.

Major topics—
1. what is the moving image
2. the moving image as an artform
3. traditional definitions of art
4. do moving...
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