The Movie Water

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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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thI found this movie to be disturbing to watch at some points, but it was mainly sad most of the time. It was one the most powerful movies I have ever seen! In my opinion, I find it horrific for the parents of these widows to even accept the fact of basically giving up their young daughters to men much older than them. I also feel that it was a very cruel lifestyle these widows had lived. Just because their husband had passed away doesn't mean they have to live in such misery for the rest of their lives. Doesn't it seem impossible to believe that some of the things in this movie could have actually happened in real life? and that stuff like this is still going on today? There are widows still living in similar circumstances right now and things in the United States that relate to this situation such as, segregation and slavery. Having to see what these women had gone through all these years, makes us think of how lucky we actually are and how we take the goodness we have for granted. The struggles some of us may have now does not compare to the struggles the women in this video have gone through. It sure made me think twice about things. The symbolism of water in this movie was incredible though. Symbolism of water through out the film was rain and rivers as well as drinking water,to purify the characters and wash away negativities that they had lived through. This movie did help me learn much more about religion.
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