The Most Dangerous Game Book Report

Topics: The Most Dangerous Game, Fiction, Human Pages: 3 (1137 words) Published: March 8, 2011
Standards-Based Book Report: Fiction

*TITLE: The Most Dangerous Game
AUTHOR: Richard Conwell # of pages: 32
*THE GENRE IS action, adventure, mystery, and suspense. Some characteristics of this genre are that its action packed story in which the audiences are left at the edge of their seat with the accumulating amount of action going on. Mystery and suspense are the main ingredients that keep the reader anxious and excited to see how the story unfolds itself. *THE PURPOSE OF THIS BOOK IS to remind us that no matter how civilized we are our primitive instincts are still lurking within us. *THE POINT OF VIEW OF THIS BOOK IS in third person.

Why do you think the author choose this POV? How does it affect the book? I believe the author chose this POV because it helps us get to know the other characters in the story. If he didn’t use the third-person POV then we wouldn’t know what the other characters thought. The book is affected by this in a good way because it makes it more suspenseful and mysterious. *THE PLOT: IDENTIFY THE KEY EVENTS THAT ADVANCE THE PLOT. Be sure to identify the central conflict, problem, the climax, and explain the resolution. The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Conwell is a story about how a man let his primitive instincts prevail. The story starts off with Whitney and Rainsford riding a yacht, on their way to the Amazon to hunt. As their ride progresses Whitney and Rainsford discuss how the world consists of predators and preys, but Whitney doesn’t seem to coincide with him. Soon Rainsford hears gunshots coming from the island Whitney and him were discussing earlier. He sets off to find out where the gunshots came from. The rising action keeps on going as Rainsford approaches the island and finds Ivan and General Zaroff. As Rainsford is being hunted by Zaroff the rising action has completely reached its limit. Rainsford was being hunted by Zaroff because Zaroff doesn’t hunt animals; instead he hunts human beings because they...
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