The Most Common Problems in Project Management as Perceived by Project Managers in Abu Dhabi in 2011

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Chapter 1

Project Management is not something new in today’s world as it has been practiced since the early civilization by early architects and engineers such as Vitruvius, a Roman writer, architect and engineer, Christopher Wren, Thomas Telford and Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Though it has been used before, organizations started to apply systematically the project management tools and techniques to complex project in the 1950s. No matter what the size of the organization is, there is always a need to have project management that is involved in new endeavors such as the development of a new product or service; establishment of a new production line; a public relations promotional campaign or even a major building program. Project management has been changing as time goes by like in 1980s, project management dealt with quality. After a decade, in 1990s, project management was about globalization. In the advent of the year 2000, it started to deal with velocity. This evolution in project management happens because of the continuous and changing demands in the market. According to records, the modern project management method originated in two parallel yet different problems of planning and control in projects in the United States. 1. U.S. Navy case which had the concerns with the control of contracts for its Polari Missile Project. The contracts were about research, development work and manufacturing of parts that were unique and had not been used previously. This specific project was of high uncertainty as completion times were based on probabilities and time estimates were based on optimistic, pessimistic and most likely. A mathematical assessment was made to determine the probable completion date of the project. This assessment was called Program Evaluation Review Technique (PERT) which is still being used today as it suits best for projects with a high degree of uncertainty. 2. E.I du Pont de Nemours Company case. This is a private sector which constructed major chemical plants in the U.S. These undertakings required accuracy in time and cost estimates. This company developed the method called as Project Planning and Scheduling (PPS) which requires realistic estimates of cost and time. Obviously, this has a more definitive approach than PERT. Later, this PPS was developed into the Critical Path Method (CPM) which became very popular in the construction industry. From these two cases, the development of project management continues until it reaches our time. As changes come immediately, project management welcomes these changes with the purpose of achieving the goals and cope with the fast track of market demands.

a. Statement of the Problem

The Most Common Problems in Project Management as Perceived by Project Managers in Twenty Constructing Company in Abu Dhabi in the Year 2011.

b. Purpose of the Study

It is the purpose of this study to determine the most common problems being faced by project managers to help other managers to be prepared to face the same problems in the future.

c. Significance of the study

The study will help project managers as well as those future project managers to find ways and other alternative ones to solve problems that are similar to those presented in this study. d. Research questions

The complex situations that project managers are facing these days can be solved without more hardships and difficulties if they are aware of its existence in the near future. Identifying the problems to come is one of the best tools that a manager can utilize to easily solve them. 1. What is the profile of the respondents according to the following factors: a. Gender

b. Types of companies
c. Number of years in the company
d. Total number of years as project manager
2. What are the most common problems in project management as perceived by twenty project managers in different constructing companies in Abu Dhabi?

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