The Mortal Immortal

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  • Published : April 14, 2012
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The Mortal Immortal is a romantic story. It is about a love affair but not a love affair that we would expect. The Mortal Immortal shows the difficulty of love. We see the harsh reality of love and what it can do to our character and at what lengths we will go to betray or be happy with somebody. Bertha is the cruel selfish wife of Winzy who is only in love with her and wishes to be not in love. She represents the natural behavior of natural people. Winzy is a man that is very much desperate to not feel the hurt of love towards Bertha. The story will show ideas about how horrible love can be and how normal people can go completely insane over love alone. Mary Shelley will show us the places our minds go when we are in love through Bertha and Winzy.

Bertha is selfish. She was an orphan that longed for protection in her life, “a malignant fever carried off both her father and mother” which can be extremely damaging to a young child. She had always been insecure with neither of her parents around. Although Bertha was not raised having money from her parents, she was adopted and spoiled by an old lady neighboring her, “the old lady of the near castle, rich, childless, and solitary, declared her intention to adopt her. Henceforth Bertha was clad in silk—inhibited a marble palace—and was looked on as being highly favored in fortune”, she is very much greedy with money after being clothed in silk and having many fortunes (962). Bertha would not be greedy with money if she never had money in her life. After being spoiled by the old lady, her greed got the best of her and she thought she deserved no less than the richest man even though Winzy loved her so very dearly. She marries Winzy at age fifteen when she decides to leave the castle. She left because she felt as though she was being controlled and Winzy was her only escape. She criticizes his poverty to hopefully push him to make money so she can marry him “I was then very young-very poor-and very much in love”....
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