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Dr. Cristina G. Gallato

September 2012


On-the-job Training (OJT) or Internship is a capstone course intended to expose the students to the real world of work. Aside from honing their knowledge, skills and attitudes along their chosen field of specialization, it also seeks to prepare them for their future work or employment.

The College of Accountancy has integrated OJT/Internship in the BSA and BSFMA programs. Accountancy students are required to render a total of at least 200 hours of work in companies found in the city of Baguio and if needed, in different parts of the region in order to provide them a broader and updated perspective of what transpires in the business world.

Like other programs or plans, however, the OJT/Internship program requires concrete guidelines, policies, or procedures that will serve as bases for its smooth implementation

This manual is a collection of policies, procedures and guidelines currently used in the College of Accountancy. It is hoped that this manual will provide clear guidelines, policies and procedures that will facilitate the realization of OJT/Internship objectives of the College.

To the Cooperating Business Trainers/Mentors/Supervisors:

The College of Accountancy of the University of the Cordilleras expresses its appreciation to you for accepting the great responsibility of guiding, mentoring our Accountancy trainees. Your acceptance of this challenging task is not only an act of professionalism and leadership but also a demonstration of commitment and generosity. Your interaction with them, your ability to maintain good personal relationship and your skills in guiding the trainees are important factors in their preparation to become an effective future employees or professionals/practitioners.

This Manual is designed to orient you on the “ON-THE-JOB TRAINING/INTERNSHIP PROGRAM” of the College of Accountancy. It includes ideas that may be of help in the performance of your roles and task as cooperating employee trainor/s.

As partner/s in the training of pre-service accountants/practitioners, please feel free to give comments and suggestions for better operation and management of the Program


| |Page | |Title Page |1 | |Preface |2 | |Table of Contents |3 | |On-the-Job Training Program |4 | |College Vision & Mission |4 | |Rationale of the OJT/Internship Program |5 | |Characteristics of OJT/Internship Program |6 | |Policy |8 | |Implementing Guidelines |8 | |Objectives of the Program |9 | |Internship Activities...
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