The Merchant of Venice-Comparisons and Differences

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  • Published : April 23, 2007
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Shakespeare has written very many different pieces but The merchant of Venice is by far the best I have ever read. There are very many differences in the novel but also many similarities in characters, plots and in themes. The characters I will compare are Antonio and shylock. The plots I will compare are the bond plot and the lottery plot then I will compare the business and law theme versus the emotional relationship theme.

First, Antonio and shylock are very different people and have very different culture but yet are very alike. Antonio and shylock are very different because of culture Antonio is a Christian who hates Jews and Shylock is a Jew who hates Christians. Also, Antonio is a generous, kind, smart, loyal friend to Bassanio. Shylock has no friends and is a greedy money lender seeking revenge. An example of this is when shylock, Bassanio and Antonio are in the court house in Act Scene. Shylock Turns down all the money and then says every ducat in six thousand ducats where in six parts and every part a ducat I would not take it which is 216000 ducats. Even though they are very different they do have similarities. One similarity they have is that they both hate each other and each others cultures. Also, Antonio and shylock are both connected in the same bond which also has Bassanio in it. This bond is where Basanio borrows money from a money lender, Shylock, but when he cannot pay Antonio jumps in. To conclude, Antonio and shylock have different cultures and are different people but are still very much alike.

Second, the bond plot and the lottery plot have some different people and different conflicts but are still very much alike. The bond plot is when Bassanio brows money form shylock, the Jewish money lender, to look rich and impress Portia. When Bassanio doesn't have the money Antonio jumps in to save his friend and offers a pound of his flesh if he doesn't give shylock the money in time. Shylock agrees with this because he wants the pound of...
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