The Medicated Child

Topics: Teacher, Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, Medicine Pages: 3 (970 words) Published: April 30, 2013
The Medicated Child
In the film “The Medicated Child”, the film shows children in society who are put on multiple medication due to their behaviors. Children from ages as young as three are put on medications by trained psychologists. The Film also gives an example of a psychologist who is experimenting with these drugs on young children. These were given to children who were having trouble at home and whose parents got too overwhelmed with their children. Majority of these children were diagnosed with ADHD, bipolar, and hyperactivity by their psychologists.

In the film, Jacob was introduced as a three year old boy who is diagnosed with ADHD. At the age of three, teachers started to inform Jacob’s parents that he was hyperactive and had no impulse control. At first the parents did not want to give the child meds, but after seeing a doctor they fell into the pressure and started giving Jacob medication. I believe that every single person in this incident is at fault. To begin with, the child is three, it is time for the child to learn about the world and find his personality. Impulse behavior like this should be for forgiving by the school teacher and the parents because the child does not know better or should be taught to be relaxed. The school teacher I believe is at most fault because by assuming that the child is hyperactive because of what they see in their classroom is ridiculous. The school teacher should help teach the child, that what they are paid for. Secondly, the parents are at fault because they didn’t know how to react to their child with this problem. The parents should have used operant conditioning to teach their child when they are going too far. By giving punishment when the child gets out of hand will teach them that certain behavior is not right. Finally, the doctor is at fault because the doctor gave the medication to Jacob without trying non-medication treatments first. For example, the doctor could have taught the parents how to...
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