The Mbuti Pygmies Society of Central Africa

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  • Published : February 22, 2011
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The Mbuti Pygmies Society of Central Africa
Beverly J. Roach
Cultural Anthropology 101
Professor Meredith Kiljan
February 21, 2011

The Mbuti Pygmies Society
In my final cultural anthropology research paper, I will explore the culture of the Mbuti people. The information reference sources presented in this paper are, various citations retrieved from several creditable ethnographic research journal articles and books, Primarily, ethnography writings are based in part as an emic view of collected data on a society’s tradition’s, beliefs, values, and their kinship structure. Furthermore, in the studies of cultural anthropology, it is a known fact that every civilization consist of an organized system which is the platform for their mode of subsistence. In my research paper I will focuses on three important aspects of the Mbuti’s mode of subsistence. The three systems that I will highlight are social, economic and their political organizations. The Mbuti Pygmies are a unique group of people who reside in the tropical rain forests of northeastern Congo, in Central Africa. Imagine how the forest must have been an awe inspiring beautiful green picturesque setting. I can imagine that there was also breathe taking waterfalls in view as well. Exotic birds, tall trees and sounds of other living creatures that make up the forest. The Mbuti’s are also called, Bambuti pygmies. They are some the smallest people in the world, the average man stands about four and a half feet tall. Despite their small body frame they are very skilled hunters who have lived in the rainforests for thousands of years. Clearly, their culture and survival in life is defined by the surrounding environment in which they have inhabited and is their homeland. In addition, I have come to learn from our text (Nowak& Larid, 2010). In a foragers society the forest has proven to be hunters- gathers primary mode of living. My goal by means of my research...
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