The Mayan Myths and Legends

Topics: Primate, Creation myth, Popol Vuh Pages: 3 (930 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Myth and Legends

In the Popol Vuh their is a story that explains the creation of man. In the myth it describes the four stages that god went through before humans came to be. The first stage explains that earth was completely empty their was no life on earth. There was only land, sea, and sky. Then the great molder set out to marks on the earth, these marks then became the four corners of the world. The second stage is about the great molder starting to shape the landscape, by creating mountains, adding trees, and lakes. He created small mammals and critters., but he was not pleased with these animals for that they could not pray to him and worship. They did not love him or praise him. Unsatisfied with his creations he sought out to destroy the living beings and start again. He caused a great flood upon the land destroying everything in its path and for the great molder to start again. Before the world was even creater, there was only two gods. Tepeu the maker and Gucumatz the feathered serpent spirit. When they were working creating the world they made their thoughts a reality. They thought of earth, there was land surrounded by darkness. When earth was created they began to add to it with mountains, valleys, lakes, and trees. The two gods looking at what they had just created thought they need beings to live here. They wanted the something to look over their new creations and to pray and love the two gods. But their creations like snakes birds and other animals did not praise them as they wished.

There are many creations myths on how man came to be. Every culture has different thoughts and beliefs. The Mayan had multiple beliefs on how man on earth came to be, they have the creation myth that talks about the great molder and the hero twins challenging the underworld lord. There is another myth called the monkey myth. Long ago men on earth were made of wood, but they were punished by the great creator and the few wooden people that were able to...
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