The Mass Media and the Political Agenda

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Chapter 7 The Mass Media and the Political Agenda
Multiple-Choice Questions

1) High-tech politics refers to
A) a politics in which the behavior of citizens and policymakers is shaped by technology. B) a proposal for direct democracy through the use of telephone voting. C) a futuristic society in which politics is controlled by computers, freeing people for more honorable pursuits.

D) the use of cable television to broadcast the workings of the government. E) the ability of government to observe the behavior of citizens through electronic means. Answer: A
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2) A media event is
A) a news event deemed of such importance to break into regular programming on television and radio.
B) a gathering of people working in the media industry, often an awards ceremony. C) some newsworthy occurrence covered by reporters of the various media. D) staged primarily for the purpose of being covered by the press. E) a setup by the media to ambush or embarrass a prominent person. Answer: D

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3) A ________ is staged by a campaign primarily for the purpose of being covered on television and in the press.
A) media event
B) TV commercial
C) political incident
D) ʺGet Out the Voteʺ effort
E) political play
Answer: A
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2784) Media events are
A) spontaneous occurrences such as train wrecks or assassinations that we normally think of as news.
B) monopolized by political elites.
C) purposely staged events held in front of the media.
D) spontaneous events used to enhance image.
E) ineffective when used by political radicals.
Answer: C
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5) Purposely staged activities held in front of the media are called A) trial balloons.
B) media events.
C) political dramas.
D) press conferences.
E) news.
Answer: B
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6) Approximately ________ of presidential campaign spending is for TV ads. A) 40 percent
B) 20 percent
C) 60 percent
D) 80 percent
E) 90 percent
Answer: C
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2797) According to the text, Ronald Reaganʹs presidency was characterized by A) more concern and energy devoted to the presidentʹs media appearances than in any other administration.
B) a number of spontaneous media appearances by the president designed to take advantage of his Hollywood experience.
C) considerable animosity between the media and the administration. D) Reaganʹs frequent false statements which were later documented by reporters to be either errors or deliberate lies.
E) attempts to avoid media appearances by the president.
Answer: A
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8) News management in the Reagan White House operated on each of the following principles EXCEPT
A) talk about the issues you want to talk about.
B) control the flow of information.
C) expand reportersʹ access to the president.
D) revving helicopter engines so the president would not be able to hear reportersʹ questions and not have to answer them.
E) stay on the offense.
Answer: C
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9) Up until the presidency of Franklin Roosevelt,
A) reporters did not ask presidents questions, they simply reported what presidents did. B) presidents held daily press conferences.
C) presidents held private chats with reporters in a very informal setting rather than hold public press conferences.
D) reporters submitted their questions to presidents in writing. E) reporters had fireside chats with presidents in the White House. Answer: D
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28010) The first president to manipulate media politics with many press conferences and fireside chats successfully was
A) Ronald Reagan.
B) Franklin Roosevelt.
C) Lyndon Johnson.
D) Abraham Lincoln.
E) John F. Kennedy.
Answer: B
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11) In what was a very different era, the press chose not to point out to readers or to photograph the fact that President ________ was...
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