The Masque of the Red Death (Summary)

Topics: Edgar Allan Poe, Seven deadly sins, The Masque of the Red Death Pages: 2 (671 words) Published: October 31, 2010
The Masque of the Red Death

The story begins with the explanation of the “Red Death”. It is particularly described as a lethal disease whose symptoms include dizziness, profuse bleeding, sharp pains, and red stains on the victim’s faces and bodies. This contagion takes full effect in half an hour; those with the “red stain” tend to be rejected by the general public. Even when the disease has depopulated half of Prince Prospero’s country, he still remains happy and carefree. He invites a thousand of his uncontaminated noble friends to join him; to hide in a castle with enough supplies. While the mad Prince is holding wild parties inside the castle; his country quickly begins to depopulate.

As time goes, so does the feeling of “worry” or thinking it is “going to be all right”. This seems to take effect upon Prince Prospero and he decides to hold a masked ball, in seven rooms in the castle. Instead of creating a long room, he chooses a unique style for the rooms: the first room is blue; the second room is purple; the third green; the fourth orange; the fifth white; and the sixth violet. However on the seventh room, it is different. Instead of a colorful color it is black and with a crimson looking window. When the light shines through this room, it creates a ghastly effect which makes the guests avoid the room totally. Inside the apartment, there is also a huge clock with its pendulum swinging ominously, and the hourly ringing was so disturbing that the guests, musicians, dancers, and etc stopped whenever the “clang” sound of the clock could be heard.

The time reaches midnight a masked figure appears, whose costume greatly disturbs everyone and Prince Prospero. He is dressed as the Red Death: tall, thin figure wears funeral garments marked with blood, a mask that resembles a corpse with blood stains. As the Prince sees the figure, he calls out for everyone to catch. However, because of the fear of the figure, the people do nothing; instead...
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