The Mars Space Missions

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  • Published : April 4, 2013
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İndustrial Accidents
Mars Mission has been a crucial issue all over the world since the beginning of space studies. Mars Mission means that send astronauts with spacecraft to space with purpose of finding new settlement place and searching possibilities of Mars for humanity. Several studies have been done for providing this mission since 1960s. Elkins and Tanton stated, “ Between 1960 and 2004 the USA and Russia launched a total of 46 missions to Mars, 30 of which failed completely, four of which returned some data but did not complete their missions and 12 of which were successes,” (2006, p. 147). The issue of whether to implement Mars Mission or not is significantly debatable. Although it has been asserted that Mars Mission is a necessity for the survival of mankind, temperatures are not suitable to life on the red planet and there are enormous dust storms, possibility of life on Mars may brings about serious biological risk as well as safety problems and Mars’ atmosphere is thin and it does not have magnetic field; hence this mission should be changed with another space mission.

It is commonly argued that Mars is the best option as a new settlement place for the people; however, there are violent storms and values of temperature that prevent to live is crucial factor. Proponents of the idea that Mars Mission provides new life areas for mankind maintain the opinion that Mars Mission must go on. It could further be argued that Earth clearly loses its possibilities such as resources that keep people alive and natural environment. According to Ortolf, “The Earth is dying; its resources are disappearing, and its habitats are failing. It is now necessary to focus on the red planet of Mars, for the purpose of researching and colonizing the planet with the closest environment to our own,” (n.d., p. 1). Nonetheless, long-term chance of survival is almost impossible for people on the surface of Mars...
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