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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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Flashbulb Memory

Flashbulb memory is a thought to involve the recall of very specific details or images surrounding a significant rare or vivid event. It can be a long-lasting memory that can be personal of a shocking event. People can remember almost perceptual clarity details of a context in which they heard about it on the news, such as what they was doing, with whom they were with and where they were. An example is ten years ago was the worst day for an American people when two plans hit the world trade center. On that day less then mines it was all over the news TV. Most America was glue to the TV. This day or various events will never be forgotten.

The difference between ordinary and flashbulb memory is that some research believe that compared with ordinary memories, flashbulb memories are most likely not to be remembered than ordinary memories (e.g., Weaver, 1993 and Talarico, 2003). The most difference between ordinary and flashbulb memory is that people believe flashbulb memories are more accurately and vividly remembered. The reason for this is because people discuss significant events frequently, and the after-the-fact discussion can modify what people believe they remember Tubman 2

about the event. Neisser (1982) believes that flashbulb memories are enduring because they are constantly being reinforced by media. Flashbulb memory comes from Brown and Kulik. They looked at flashbulb memories of the assassination of Martin Luther King. Findings showed that 75~% of black Americans had flashbulb memories of the event compared to only 33% of white Americans. They concluded that flashbulb memories were stronger for famous assassinations of people of their own ethnicity.This shows that flashbulb memories might be well recalled if they event is seen as a personally relevant emotional event. In this case, personal relations are heightened by ethnicity.  

  Flashbulb Memories effects a person’s life, the person has knowledge so it can be related to...
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