The Major Factors that Led to the American Revolution

Topics: United States Declaration of Independence, Benjamin Franklin, American Revolution Pages: 1 (387 words) Published: January 7, 2013
Kristina Teddy
October 18, 2012
1st period B-Day

The colonists were trying to prove to England, that they can defend themselves. The colonists showed their identity and unity, to a long extent. The colonists showed their identity to a long extent. Like Richard Henry Lee was telling his brother in a letter. Richard Henry Lee was telling Arthur Lee that England can no longer control the colonies. That the colonists are reveling their feelings toward England. That they will show that they can be independent without any help. Also like in the Letters from an American Farmer. A farmer says that he will give up his European blood, to become an American. He is showing that he would give up everything, just to say that he is an American. Including the “Notes for Speech in Parliament” its purpose was to inform the colonists how Parliament has treated them. That they came to be free, but England was still ruling them under the British Constitution. Also all this rebelling against England led to the American Revolution. So this all contributes to the identity of the colonies to a long extent. The colonists showed their unity to a long extent. Benjamin Franklin tried to unite the colonies with the JOIN OR DIE banner. Benjamin expressed on the banner that together the colonies can overcome British rule. In the Declaration of Causes of taking up the arms, also supports the unity of the colonies. When the colonists took the arms, it was to prove that they will always stick together. That they will not let England or any other country separate their unity. That they will remain loyal to their new home. In The Famous Mather Byles the colonists are stating that they do not want to be ruled by some government that is thousands of miles away. That they can rule themselves that that is what they have be doing these last seventy years. That the colonist and colonies can accomplish everything without the help of England. This proves that the colonist...
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