The Major Causes of Poverty in Indonesia

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  • Published : September 26, 2011
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The Major Causes of Poverty in Indonesia
We must have known that Indonesia is one of Asia countries which rich in natural resources. But in fact, last year (2009) 30.53 million of Indonesian are destitute inhabitants. 20.62 million of them are destitute inhibitants in villages, and 11.91 million left are inhabitants in cities. This poverty are getting brutal. As Chairman of Institute for Ecosoc Rights, Sri Palupi, said that 20 – 40 percents of children in 72 percents areas in Indonesia have malnutrition, and 35.6 percents children are in chronic nutrition. Every year at least 50.000 inhabitants suicide cases in Indonesia, which poverty and economic problem were being the causes. In addition to it, babies and mothers died almost every hour because they were not able to pursue the base health treatment. As I see it, there are some factors that causing huge poverty in Indonesia: bad prosperity of farmers; foul management industrial; incomprehensive education; and widespread corruption.

45 percents of Indonesia inhabitants depend their life on agriculture. Improper life of them is a reason of enormous poverty in Indonesia. Less than $ 2 dollars daily income is just equivalent with subsidy price for a cow in Europe Union. In this case, many farmers aren’t good in maintaining the quality of unhulled rice. So, farm scalpers and traders are unhampered to monopolize the price of unhulled price, and farmers can only submit to them. Sluggish work of government also occur in Industrial Ministry. Whereas as A. Prasentyoko, an economic observer, said that industrial was the head of economic growth. He said that when government was not able to produce good industrial management then economic will not have sturdy backbone. Example: the growth of downstream industrial was impeded with limitedness infrastructure that should be construct by government. The rampant illegal trade also crushes global competitiveness index of national industry products. But still, the important...