The Loyalists and Their Arrival

Topics: United States, British Empire, Canada Pages: 4 (1253 words) Published: January 24, 2013
The Loyalists and their arrival

Who were the Loyalists and what is significant about their arrival? British North America’s demographics changed when the Loyalists arrived. The English-speaking claimed for agricultural land and population increased. They strongly asked for a sufficient extent of democratic rights. A Loyalist is a person who remained faithful and supported British during the American Revolution. They migrated to Britain North America to live under their British regulations. Some found life painful and unbearable in the United States because rebels persecute anyone who had not sustained the rebel cause. Many of these Loyalists’ families travelled with them because there were no limits and they were free to make family decisions at that time. The following paragraphs are more detailed information about the arrival of the Loyalists and who they are.

When Loyalists arrived, British North America’s demographics had changed. The English-speaking loyalists increased and grew about a percent of the population in Quebec. Most significantly, they hoped and claimed democratic rights where many people viewed fundamental. English and French were the two dominant groups in a colony that the Constitutional Act acknowledged. Upper Canada and Lower Canada were created by Carleton to give back the reality that they had different religious, political, legal outlooks and had different economic and land owning traditions. Each colony would have its own capital city and a Governor General appointed by Britain who would manage its governance of colonies. Most Canadians lived in agreement with the more traditional and tending to preserve the status quo of the Roman Catholic Church.

Loyalists are the people who remained loyal to British. They live in a North American society where there are mixed of rich and poor people, young and old, male and female, and European, African and First Nations. Resulting the American Revolution of 1776, individuals who had...
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