The Life of John Wesley

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John Benjamin Wesley was born June 17, 1703 to the small town of Epworth, in Lincolnshire. The son of Minister Rev. Samuel Wesley, who was the son of Minister Rev. John Wesley, John Benjamin was the third generation of powerful influential preachers. His mother Susanna Wesley was also a powerful woman of faith and was said to be ten times more caring towards people than her own husband.[1]Who could have known that out of this small town and lineage would come one of the most anointed, powerful, well-known preachers in all of Christendom? Even starting the Methodist movement, which has strayed from his doctrine but still remains today?

Wesley was rarely referred to as John by his family; rather it was “Jack,” or “Jacky,” or “son John.” He had a rather comfortable life, enjoying the typical country parsonage of the time. His home was based on the strict regiment of education, religious activity, and prayer. Education was taken so seriously that a banquet was prepared in the household at the fifth birthday of every child’s ushering into pupilhood. Susanna would literally review a teaching twenty times. When asked why? She would reply, “Because nineteen times were not sufficient. If I had stopped after telling him nineteen times, all my labor would have been lost.” [2] With such a methodistic upbringing, one can only assume why John Welsey would have been the founder of the “Methodists.”

Though there are many things worth noting in the early years of Wesley’s life, his miraculous salvation from a fire, which consumed his entire home, could easily be said to be the most exciting. Young Jack woke up to find that his bed and his caretaker’s bed were completely empty. As he ran to the door, flinging it open, he found that the floor was on fire. He ran back to the window to see everyone gathered around outside. One of the onlookers noticed Jack in the window and called for a ladder. After realizing that the wait would be to long,...
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