The Life Between Father and Son

Topics: Qur'an, Muhammad, Islam Pages: 2 (663 words) Published: November 18, 2011
“The life between a father and Son”

In the short story, “ My Son, the Fanatic”, the author Hanif Kureishi enlightens the reader with an astonishing story , which consist of a father and son who experience the differences between one another. The author suspense in the story leads you to believe that disobedience could be the issue between the father and son. However after reading the story you are than aware of the miraculous issue, this matter leaves you only to ask who is the fanatic now?

Parvez had grown up in Pakistan , where he and other boys knew nothing more than their Muslim beliefs. Many of these people continued to follow their religion throughout life. Whereas Parvez, one of few Muslims decided to move away and become less religious. Parvez and his family started a new life in England. He decided to raise his son, Ali, the way he wished he was raised, with less restrictions. Does Every child follow their parent foot steps?

Throughout the story we learn that Ali starts to face changes as he gets older. At this point the author makes the reader believe it can be a drug problem Ali is undergoing. Parvez, a concerned parent, starts to ask his co workers for advice. They all seemed to have the same concept to believe that Ali’s problem was because of drugs. Parvez then turned to one of his friends he met on the job. Bettina, a prostitute, seems to be the most helpful. She helped Parvez to find out what exactly the issue was with his son. Ali turned out to be a perfectly fine teenager. Unlike his father, Ali anticipated on following his religion. His foremost concern was the Koran. Ali was unable to understand why his father was not religious and disobeyed their religion. This caused the father and son’s relationship to become more distant. However, Parvez was extremely determined to change things back to the way they once were.

In today’s society communication is the solution to your problem. Is this a solution for Parvez? Parvez being a...
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