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Topics: Elizabeth I of England, Mary I of England, Edward VI of England Pages: 3 (946 words) Published: December 3, 2012
How Religious were the Tudors Essay

In the Tudor rule in England many different changes were made, religious changes was the main change out of all. The four different monarchs that made these changes are, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I. Henry VIII was crowned in 1509 he then died in 1547, Edward was crowned 1547 and then died in 1553, after Edward it was Mary, she became queen in 1553 Mary then died in 1558 and so Elizabeth is crowned in 1558 and she later died in 1602. The first Tudor monarch to rule and make religious changes was Henry VII. Henry was a very devoted catholic man; he went to mass three to four times a day! However this all changes when the Pope will not let him have the divorce he wants so badly. Henrys first wife had failed to give him a son she had given him a daughter (Mary 1). As well as this Henry had all ready got another woman pregnant so he wanted to marry her as soon as he could so the child could be called Henrys. So because of this Henry deiced to create his own religion called the Protestants, they were much like the Catholics except run by Henry himself, so the Pope would not have any power over him. In conclusion to this Henry gives himself the divorce he desired and marries his new wife. Despite all these changes he made Henry VIII was an extremely religious man! Henry had all ways supported the Pope, He even wrote a book supporting him! Henry went to mass three to four times a day every day, he was given the title ‘Fidei Defensor’ by the Pope, that means ‘Defender of faith’. Overall Henry VIII was a good Catholic but on the other hand he was angry with the Pope and did create a new religion and went against him.

The second Tudor monarch was Edward VI, Edward was only nine when he was crowned so he was very young. The first things Edward done to the Protestant religion was made it plainer. Edward had basically made it a less fancier place to be at, instead of beautiful clothing for all the priests they had...
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