The Life and Theories of Psychologist George Kelly

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The life and theories of Psychologist George Kelly

PSY 330/ Theories of Personality/ Ashford University

December 6, 2010

The American psychologist George Kelly was born in 1905 and raised on a farm in small town located in the state of Kansas. His family moved out west and was one of amongst the last homesteaders located within the west. For four years his family struggled to raise and grow crops and livestock. Due to having limited water the family was unable to stay in Colorado, so they resettled in Kansas in a farm. Since the all of this was during a hardship time on his family, he did not attend school or receive an any form of teaching/education. His parents played a significant part in life as it relates to his education. The records also do not reflect him ever receiving a high school diploma. When Kelly reached the age of sixteen he went to Wichita, Kansas to attend Friend’s University. There he enrolled and majored in courses such as physics and mathematics. Soon he received a baccalaureate. He did not stop at this point he continued with his education and obtained a PhD. Once Mr. Kelly has gained a doctorate degree in psychology he soon became an educator for a college in Kansas titled Fort Hayes. Fortunately he obtained a teaching job there and maintained that position for twelve years. His career began during a time the economy began to decimate and a successful career was not seen vividly. He still made the best out of a tough time after all. Even then he was turning bad situations into positive ones. Kelly set his passion towards psychological psychology when he first started out and soon his energy diverted towards school age adults and children and their psychological needs. The vast amount of human aggravation and suffering in the Great Depression played a key role in his theory changes. This is when his ideas/visions for psychology theory became vivid to all around him. He was so eager that he lead the way for the traveling clinic that traveled around Kansas’s western side. The area of psychology and personal construct of personality theory was his greatest contribution. All constructed meanings reflect a point of view. However, constructivists often disagree among themselves about the implications of this position, particularly regarding the nature of reality, the origin of constructed meaning, and the best way to conduct psychological research. (Raskins, 2002)

George Kelly is amongst the exceptional psychologist that has added to the theoretical works in psychology. Other psychologists that stand out are famous ones like Erikson, Freud and Jung. These great men have introduced the world to one’s way of thinking, emotions, and better outcomes in linking theoretical views towards psychoanalyze for one’s family members. Psychology is very inquisitive to the mind and it also shares a very interesting subject matter. Kelly was a psychologist educator and a therapist that stood out in the psychology industry. George Kelly’s psychology accomplishments play a vital role in many disciplines. Mr. Kelly’s accomplishments continue to be a necessity in many theoretical programs endorsed by the British Psychological Association. Kelly’s work,” became a major force within clinical psychology in the postwar years”. (Hergenhahn, 2005, p.535)   The United States is continuing to use his theoretical works in the divisions of developmental psychology, industrial-organizational psychology, environmental psychology, friendship formation, relationship disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, depression and suicide, couples in conflict, perception, substance abuse, fear of death and physical illness, and childhood disorders. He discovered psychological processes such as repression, resistance, transference, and infantile sexuality, many of which are still focused on today.” (Engler, 2006, p.29) The philosopher Epicetetus stated the assumption that any one event is open to a variety of...
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